We are at the forefront of the development of the product.

In our conditioned processing room the roses are selected by our experienced team of employees on maturity, length and uniformity and made salable according to the customer's wishes. In collaboration with the growers and buyers, we respond to the ever-changing needs of the consumer, and we are at the forefront of the development of the product through our close collaboration with breeders, suppliers, logistics service providers and end customers.

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Our mission

Global Flower Service BV considers sustainable entrepreneurship and quality to be of paramount importance. We guarantee quality through regular customer visits and trainings and independent vase life testing by Flowerwatch. Socially and environmentally responsible, we also have various certifications to meet the wishes of the customers.

How we work

The processing in our fully conditioned workspace in Aalsmeer is designed to meet the needs of all customers, both clock, retail or any conceivable added value we can realize in consultation.


Entry airport

Every day our flowers are flown in directly from our airfreight partners from Kenya, Ethiopia and Rwanda.


Sorting of goods

Immediately upon arrival, the boxes are sorted, checked for quality and placed in our cold store for processing and delivery to the customer.



The orders that have been purchased via our webshop are picked up and processed if desired and prepared for production and logistics.



In the production the flowers are processed for the customers and they receive a final quality control.



The processed flowers are transported to the customer.

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